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Monday, July 2, 2012

First Stop: IRELAND.

 The Bunratty Castle, well worth the 10 euros to get in.  It was so fun we tried again.

 Meet Durty Nelly, he is now your best friend.  I wish I would have learned more Irish pub songs for the nightly drink, I mean, sing-along.


There has to be some flower pics. ;)

 One of my favorites.

 This makes me think of my mom.  

 We came here a few times, nice and quite... well not while we were there.

I couldn't decide; door or path? So both.

This is the funniest pic I took all trip.

I love the gate doors.

 Another one of my favorites.

 Oh yes.

 The V door.

 A true timeline.

South Side bar.

First glass of Mead at the Bunratty Banquet.

Seamus was amazing, he even made his violin smoke.
Oh Seamus

After a few glasses of meed = adventure, stealth mode.

The next morning, a miracle.

Cliffs of Moher.

 Sheep and their Shepard.

 Ring of Kerry beauty.

 I will definitely be circling back to the Ring of Kerry.

 Jaunty car ride anyone?

Dosen't this look like the kids play car rugs?  Hot wheels car rug, castle style.


Next garden I grow I'm going to put poison signs everywhere.  This garden had them and everyone was careful not to touch or bump into anything. Boom.

Saint Patrick's

James Joyce is larger than life in Ireland and we just happened to be there on Blooms Day.

Good by Dublin.  Queen of Tarts you will always have a special place in my heart.

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