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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Love At First Sight

Paris was so inspiring.  The first quick tour about town and I was surprisingly hooked. There is so much to do and see in the 40 square miles of the city.  It's amazing that such a small city can hold so many wonders with an electric melancholy mixed atmosphere fusing the past and the present.  

My last day in Paris I went to Versailles all by myself.  Getting lost was not an impediment but a welcomed occasion, just me and my surroundings a million miles away from home.  Perfect.

The cherub pointed that way and off I went.

Oh, hello naked man in the woods.

Walking through Marie Antoinette's chateau was surreal.  It felt like a bigger than life size doll house.  The thought of seeing her chateau in its hay day, when she still had her head, would have been absolutely magical.  I could think of no better place to be lost for hours on end.

Marie Antoinette's desk.

Yes, it looks toy size from afar, but it is quite the opposite.

sooc (straight out of camera)

It took almost a half an hour to get this shot with the least amount of people possible.  Well worth the wait.

Walking on my own accord and stumbling upon sites like this.  Lovely.




Montmarte, during their Fete de la Musique or Day of Music.  We will be going back with this date in mind.

Au revoir Paris! Next time I visit I shall have a larger vocabulary. So when I'm mistaken as a Parisian I can properly answer the question.  As my tour guide said, when a stranger asks you a question it makes you connected with the people around you, human.  Lord knows I was looking for a friendly face to affirm I had gotten on the right C train.

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