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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Truckee without Snow

It’s late, so late that the clock now has a.m. after its digits and we haven't quite reached Truckee.  The windy roads were our playground for Jen’s skilled driving, squealing like little girls having too much fun.  The next morning the light was so amazing, without a second thought, I went a runnin’ out front to take pictures.  Im talking straight outside, even before any water.  I was playing with my new polarizing filter for my 50.  It will blow your socks off.  Filters are a forethought on how to create an awesome image, with a outstanding color and contrast, without the computer.  Even though photoshop is magic, I still enjoy manipulating images without having to spend copious amounts of time in front of a computer.  Using red or yellow filters for black&whites provides just the amount of depth.    
When Stella (5D) is not around I just use my sunglasses and iPhone.  I first started to experiment with polarized shades to see through the glare. I was trying to shoot what was just beneath the water and couldn't ditch glare. :lightbulb: put my shades in front of the lens and BAM, Funderland iPhone.  
Best surprise from this trip, was a visit from my honey.  My fisherman was out and I was about!  I already knew it was going to be relaxing and refreshing because I did not pack an ounce of makeup.  Dropping twenty bucks at Dairy Queen on cool treats for just the three of us was a first.  :)

These first three shots were the first of the day.
 sooc (straight out of camera)



This was taken with Stella and my sunglasses were my filter. sooc

I tried to  recreate the look from the previous morning, but no.  The light wasn't the same and the daffodils were not that happy. sooc

The same place different change of season.  Both sooc images.

If you have never been to Smoky's in Truckee? If not you are missing out.
The bomb dot com!
Get their brisket.

Taken with my iPhone and sunglasses, and nothing else.

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