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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Sun in a Box

Cyanotypes were the first blue photograph.  This very basic monotone process was well established before the color photos we know today.  The sun is your ally for this UV exposure, but when winter comes or even the wrong time of day you’re SOL.  To alleviate these sad moments I wanted my own sun in a box…
My Dad, Brett, was the first person I went to with my latest idea.  The only thing I brought to him were the knobs, the coolest knobs ever!  My Dad has major skills, in the past he has made me a beautiful chest, shelves, and lots of other cool stuff, so naturally he had the job.

                              What stain to choose???                     My Dad, Brett, hard at work.

The guts

Here she is, my sun in a box sitting pretty in my office.  Fits a 16x20 contact printer with room to grow.

Finishing touches

My pretty knobs.

To see my past examples of cyanotypes click here.

My Dad is taking orders if you would like your very own 'Sun in a box'. 
Base model Lightboxes starting at $800.
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