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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

I Got a Show, Yo!

I'm currently showing my Japan Series in a lovely coffee shop in Midtown Sacramento.  Old Soul at The Weatherstone is more than just a coffee shop.  It's a collective of delicious coffee, yummy daily specials and new art every month.
I am currently showing 11 pieces, all but one are from Japan.  The 11th piece, a cyanotype, is from San Fransisco's Japanese Tea Garden.  The Japan Prints are printed on 11x14 metallic paper and framed up to 16x20.  The cyanotype is a hand printed, iron based alternative process, which is currently my favorite process.
Come check out Japan in Midtown! The show is up until Thursday August 8th.  Here are just a few, to tease you.


Interested buyers can contact me and we can meet up at Old Soul.

Monday, July 15, 2013

The Book I Thought I'd Never Finish

Some how it’s been six months since my last post.  So much photography to share! My most recent endeavor is booking making. I just finished my third handmade book, Hotel California. Originally titled The Summer I Lost My Mind, Hotel California is a collaboration of my love for Instagram (her_snapshot) and anything handmade.  All the images in Hotel California were taken with my iPhone then emulsion transferred on antique white watercolor paper.  I chose antique white pages to match the warn feeling of the book I found for the cover (Dumas' Eight Crusade).  
There’s a lot more that goes into book making than you think. To get the book making skills I needed, I took a book making class at Cosumnes River College taught by Professor Kathryn Mayo.  With her knowledge, my many trips to Art Ellis and oodles of sugar, I finally held a finished book in my hands.  In my months of creating, the idea of the book morphed more times than I can count.  Also, I could not have done it with out my shovels* Sarah and Jennie who did the scripting in the book.


My choice of book making consisted of 'signature' style pages.  Signatures are up to three single pieces of paper folded in half, spoon them, fold them together, and that makes six pages of your book.  I created six signatures to complete my book. Also, once you transfer one photo on one side, you have to do another transfer on the same piece of paper for the next page.  Here are just a few of the 30 images. 


Eighth Crusade

I'll be sharing the my two other books soon.

*At some un-Godly hour the phone rings, 'We have to burry the body".  The only question you ask, "Do I have to bring my own shovel?"