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Friday, December 21, 2012

I'm Blue

In a world of saturation comes the good ol fashion blues with a story to tell. The land of cyanotypes is a stoic place with a touch of fantasy, only to be seen in duotone.  
Technically cyanotype is Greek for ‘dark blue impression,’ thanks Sir John Herschel.  It is an iron-salt-sensitive process, painted on to a surface. Once exposed to UV light its chemical reaction creates a Prussian blue pigment.  Creating one of a kind pieces.  Of course there is a lot more to it, but no one wants to read an instruction manual.
I’ve been playing with a few alternative processes and the current favorite is cyanotypes.  These blue beauties can be brought to life two ways; the sun and a UV lights.  Now that the clouds block the sun, a UV light box is in order.  I enlisted my dad for help to build my sun box once the materials come.  I can’t wait!  Creativity from beginning to end feeds my soul!  Once my sun box is in full swing Palladium is in my future.  There I go again, getting ahead of myself.  I’m still feelin the blue.

More to come once my sun box is built!