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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Daf Hill

After many years on the To Do List, Daffodil Hill came to fruition.  When the goal is to discover, you can do anything your heart desires.  Being one of those light chasers, a detour here and there is welcomed for a quick shoot.  We were the first ones to the Hill and happily brought out the beast, my Large Format camera naturally. ;)  I'm always amazed with the range of film and it's ability to capture shadow and light.  Today was 4x5 Ilford, amazing.  Assessing light is done way before the view finder is used.  The highlight of the day was hearing the rattling of Mr. Peacock’s feathers.  His sexy dance sounds similar to a rattle snake’s death warning; sh*t cray.

I learned that a quick pick up in Sutter Creek wasn't going to be quick at all.  Their Second Hand stores were quite au courant, with all the things you don't need.  Everything to fill all your Pinterest desires; I didn't know I needed silver spoons to label my future garden, but I now have them.  Vintage Pyrex’ is next, oh dear.  If you love lace they have a lot of that too.

Here are some shots.

             First stop of the day, just for the light.

           The shadows are my favorite.

           Last random turn, it was nice.

             Oh 4x5, you melt the soul.  Too bad my brackets didn't scan. ;)

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