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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Dare I Say Abstract

It’s sometimes hard to explain why you like one piece of art versus another; especially with abstract work.  I have grown to appreciate abstract art, and at times, prefer it.
I am preparing to move and looking around at what needs to be done.  I see all of my beautifully framed photographs on the walls that at one time I loved so much they had to go up.  As time passes and tastes evolve I’ve found the strong love that was there initially has faded and I don’t notice them on the walls any more… but why?  Is it because the image is so clearly defined and is almost telling you what to think?
I am slowly moving to an abstract world with my personal work.  Photographs that make you look for a second longer than usual.  The things that make you go hmmm… is what I’m going for.  These photos are not highly manipulated (those of you that know me well know that my skills do not lie in Photoshop or any other program).  For my techies out there that means nothing was added or subtracted more than ten points in Lightroom.
Here is the first of hopefully a few series that I will share with you all.

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