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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Hello Cyber Space!!

Hello Cyber Space!
I love photography and I want everyone to know! It might be too early to say ‘pick me!’ but I just love taking portraits. Photography in one form or another has been a huge part of my life. As a baby, my Grandma Duna staged and took every picture possible. I, shortly there after, took over to fill dozens of scrapbooks. I even asked my dad to build me a chest with specific dimensions so I could fit my scrapbooks in it. My high school photo class with Mrs. Paul is where I began to perfect my craft, and then I continued it throughout college, which brings me to today. If you haven’t guessed yet, photography is my greatest passion in life, and creating art is the name of the game.
            Oh yes, I’ve always enjoyed hunting and pre-planning the shot to come. This can lead to potential hazards are looking out my car window while driving down the road and getting stuck in the mud. (True story) But in the end, taking a photograph of beauty is the apex of my craft, and at the same time capturing the moment makes me gitty and puts the biggest cheezer on my face. If I am working with Sturdy Stella, aka my Cannon 5D, the amount of images taken is limitless, good or bad, but there is nothing like my beloved film. I cherish this imprintable plastic. Working with film is a deliberate thoughtful task, one that takes a full breath before pushing the shutter, none of this holding you breath while taking three shots at a time. Sadly one thing is fo sho, the more digital images there are the more time spent in front of a screen. So, here is to treating Sturdy Stella like a delicate flower, not only beautiful but also able to hamper the time with the computer, Mr. Green. So why shouldn’t I share my future photography stories with you and become a full-fledged member of cyber space?
            There are many people in my life who have supported me and who have been my cheerleaders when I needed it most. Here’s to my brother Holden who will (and did) hopefully proofread and put this post into Mr. Green. I am also thankful for my youngest brother and on-site assistant Heath. I also thank my creative advisors including my mom, cousin Jen, friend Veena, and my cyberspace cheerleader Monica. These ladies are my coin bouncers and are on cue day in and day out. I would be lost at sea if it weren’t for my rock next to me on our beach. My secret lover and best friend (Insert boxing announcer here) Jason Renfro!!! Thank you all from the bottom of my heart over.
Much love,

Holly E. Renfro

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